Falcon land 6000

Falcon land 6000

device Falcon Land 6000 Been manufacturing this device after a series of studies and experiments within Laboratories Inc. (GER) Has been working on the introduction of two systems research (imaging system and a long-term system)

Falcon land 6000 No need anymore to walk long distances random search in the vast territory You are now using Falcon land 6000 Developer in Germany in (GER) Labs. This electronic device Made with International standards , newly innovative In (GER) factory. This device was under processing , testing and research for several years. The company has worked On the introduction and integration of many scientific and practical specifications and features in this device Was developed and improved performance to a very high percentage outweigh other devices this device Made in high quality make it a distinctive and charming tool in the hands of prospectors and seekers of wealth through uncover treasures hidden underground for many years There are many devices that work in three-dimensional Imaging system, but Falcon Land 6000 device is completely different from those devices Have been introduced (two search system) in this device to be perfect and comprehensive system for all searches researchers in the areas of archaeological or with large areas of open space You can now reach the target from a long distance . yes tell you You can Now And after that you can imaging the target point to see full details of the target in the tablet pc in three-dimensional images appear on the screen of the device.

Long Range detection system:

After the gold and metal burial in the ground for a long time begins to form a so-called gold field Ionian Ion is an atom beams composed of atoms out of gold after the gold remain for a long time under the ground and they overlaps and interacts with the soil and the nature of the earth formation and regularity of magnetic north-south lines and operations shorthand and those ions it may come out as light-like properties of light, He graduated those ions towards the surface of the soil Ion detection system works on the device to detect ionic fields that are formed on the gold trove that could've included information about them in the top

As this system can hunt gold trove for long distances and bigger depths under the surface of the soil with ease and accuracy The ion detection system on the device can hunt caves and underground voids through the detection of negative ionic fields, which expand and grow within the artificial cavities underground When the device is running on the ion detection system. When you pick up a target .. the device will issue a whistle warning of purpose and the user can move toward the detected target even stand on the target completely and inventory this target in an area of one meter square and after the issuance of Whistle shows us directly if the objective (metal or cave on the screen of the device.

3D Imaging System :

This device 3D Imaging detection system, which was introduced by a lot of technical specifications newly innovative. And he can show you all the layers under the ground for 18m And show images directly on the tablet pc screen shows all contents in the ground. buried metals and caves and spaces and basements and all what trove in the soil. You can work in Imaging system through direct research, which gives you direct images appea on the screen during the search and show you different colors and each color represents a component of the soil elements came with the device's a high analysis accuracy developer program Works in the screen (tablet) . Other devices lacks Such precision This program has a lot of features that let you see the target three-dimensional vision and Stereoscopically clear as it makes you see the hidden target completely as it on the device's screen Example: if the target is box underground. You will see a picture of the target shaped as a red box if the objective underground room will show us object is blue similar to the shape of this room perfectly with all the Details. If the target was some historicity currencies will see a small circular objects in red quite similar to the shape of these currencies.

Technical specifications for Imaging system:

1- The device works the puppet regimes of (long range system) and ( 3d imaging system )
2 - ( long range system ) to a maximum depth of 18 meters and range 500 Vertical meters
3 - ( long range system ) determines the direction of the target
4 - (3d imaging system ) to a depth of 18 meters.
5 - (3d imaging system ) operates within three detection systems (manual detection - Automatic detection - direct detection).
6 - You can see targets directly on the screen
You can also photographed and stored in the device memory and then opened through the analytical program
7- The internal memory is divided into 16 portfolio to save imaging operations within the area of GB.
8- The device has the possibility to work and you're inside the car without having to go down to the ground (when using the remote detection system).
9- The device works in all weather conditions rainy or sunny and others.
10- accompanied with analysis of imaging device processes high-quality program that is installed on the tablet.
11- can work on analysis program in several languages and is the (English - German - French - Arabic - Italian - Russian - Turkish - Farsi).
12-The possibility of determining the depth of the target with high accuracy
13- the possibility of knowledge discovered underground target shape.
14- Ability to search in all types of soil and rocks.
16-Two-year warranty

Technical features:

Processor Speed 128Mhz
Internal Memory 1024MB
Screen Accuracy 128*64 Pixel
Battery Charger 220V »»» 15V – 2A
The device's battery 12V
Contact with the program Bluetooth
Memory 16 Memory
Tablet device driver system Windows 8.1
Battery life 6 hours
Battery charging time 3 hours


German industry first degree, according to European standards
Guarantee for two years from the date of purchase

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