FARM LIFE Water detector

FARM LIFE Water detector

The most effective in harsh conditions and different soil types. e.g sandy soil ,the desert areas , rocky ground and in the mountainous areas .

FARM LIFE (water detector) is based on the Geo-electrical measurement method ,it sends waves and receives the same reaction to these waves quickly and accuracy according to scientific experiments conducted on this machine so that we can identify deposits water in the ground . This method is used to measure the Geo-electrical ground resistance and electrical conductivity of different water deposits . Thus, locating water can identify small differences in the structure of the underground area of the measured , and can detect anomalies from surrounding soil. Such anomalies are , deposits water , groundwater , and humid places or water accumulation in some aquifers .

FARM LIFE (water detector) is practical and very easy to use . There are 4 electrodes, which should enter into ground to get a rectangular area measuring .

The maximum size of the measurement area can be up to : 850 square meters underground .

You must connect the electrodes of the main unit for locating water in the middle of the field .

After running the device on, water will start automatically defined to measure ground resistance between each electrode in a specific manner .

The entire area will be checked box, and this procedure is full automatically .

After a few seconds of scanning , measurement result will be visible on the screen for water positioning, determines the amount of water , types of water whether it is salty or sweet , and gives us the salinity , in addition it shows us the depth of water with precision .

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