LMX 100 Locate & Mark GPR

LMX 100 Locate & Mark GPR


LMX100 was designed specifically to make marking utilities with GPR simple and easy.

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LMX100 Specifications


Specifications Values
Height 115 cm (45.3 in)
Width 70 cm (27.6 in)
Length 100 cm (39.4 in)
Weight 22kg (48 lb)
Power 1.25 A @ 12 V
Battery Type Lead Acid Gel Cell
Battery Capacity 9 Ah
Environmental IP66
Temperature Sensor: -400 C + 500 C DVL: -100 C + 500 C
Signal Enhancement Dyna Q
Spatial Interval 5 cm
Dynamic Depth Ranges Collects data to 8 m (30 ft) and displays from 1 to 8 m (3 to 30 ft)
Depth Estimates Real-time analysis
Image Storage up to 16 GB, or >10,000 images

Regulatory Specifications
Complies with UWB standards

Display Carrying Case

The tough, plastic carry case protects the Display Unit (DVL) during transportation.



9Ah, 3.9 kg, (8.6 lb), 12V gel cell battery


Battery chargers accept 110 - 240 V for use all over the world.


LMX ImageView


Data screen images can be captured and transfered from the compact flash card to a PC and displayed using the LMX ImageView software.