Mole Impulse Digital is an advanced deep pulse induction product with LCD display and discrimination work mode.It can operate with a wide range of coils for seeking:

1. standard coils – 23 * 36 cm, 45 cm round, 110 * 110 cm;
2. additional coils, on request – 150 * 150 cm, 200 * 200 cm (only trains without tubes)

Technical features:

1. 3 modes of discrimination (for normal, mineralized and highly-mineralized soil);
2. 4-row LCD display, digital and graphical representation of the signal level and parameters of discrimination;
3. Elimination of the Earth’s magnetic field;
4. Ground Balance;
5. Built-in battery providing performance up to 10 hours;
6. Automatic battery charger with indicator;
7. Charging Adapter: input: 100-240V 1.0A 50-60Hz ; output: 12V 2A
8. Ability to change the operation and service settings;
9. Ability to work in motion and slow motion;
10. Ability to charge from a car lighter;
11. Ability to add extra coils;
12. Easy access to all menu settings;
13. 3 external control points for greater ease of use;
14. Microprocessor control.

The kit includes:

1. Electronic device;
2. Leather case for the device;
3. Charging adapter;
4. Headphones;
5. Instructions for use;
6. Coil 110 ? 110 cm, + leather case

Depth with coil 110x110cm:

Beer can at 180cm
Object 50x50cm – at 300cm
Big objects at around 500cm or more

Shipping size:

Measurements of the box for electronics:
37*27*17 cm – Weight: 4 kg
Measurements of the box for coil 110?110cm:
115*12*12 cm – Weight: 3.2 kg