Proton Elıc LB-4 New

Proton Elıc LB-4 Zana

$6800 USD / INR 675000/- (Including customs duty)

Quick definition: it is a four line sixteen column , thermal camera. It can see thermal differences in 64 pixels resolution. The visual angle is 60 degree. Magnetic sensor measures intensity of dc magnetic field in the location. Every sensor measures its own location. Jeo faz provides to collect quick data by measuring the intensity of magnetic field in four different location. The system could work thermal or magnetic. After collecting all data from sensors, it sends over bluetooth with the location data. The camera which is on the focus of a globe, sees the cover of globe inside. İt colors the cover according to acquired data. For every metal, there is a different number and this provides a difference. The colors
reflects metal red blue and light green to screen. The opportunities and abilities: it could diagnose buried things which is made by hand or carved things like tunnel, room, warehouse, or buried metals like reinforced concrete, brick, rock bed. Besides this, there is an option menu for searching covered houses, caves for example, interior space scanning and exterior space scanning.