Makro Jeotech LED System Detector

Makro Jeotech LED System Detector

The Coin Hunter

“JEOTECH” which is produced with superior Makro Technology is the first example of the new generation single coin hunter. Strong detection depth and efficient detection on the ground provides easy detection of the targets in deep areas.

Its most important feautre which seperates it from other detector is its capability to provide easy working conditions in high mineral environments and to detect even the targets under the stones containing metals. Performing deep searches deeper than the systems produced for single coins JEOTECH simultaneously detects cavities such as caves, cellar and tunnel as well as metals at a perfect accuracy.

Jeotech has Led warning system. Leds lined up on the left side of the Jeotech armrest transfers cavities and the LEDs on the right side deliver metal targets to the user. Also it is delivered with different audio tones. While non-ferrous LED alerts the user for non-ferrous metals such as gold, silver, copper and bronze, if the target is steel it doesn’t alert on the second time and discriminates steel from non-ferrous metals.


JEOTECH which has a very practical use and light design infoms the user about the targets detected through LEDs and different audio tones for cavities and metals. With its superior detection capability and economic price JEOTECH will be the most popular hand held detector of the year and wiill be the favorite of users from all segments.

JEOTECH is capable of providing plenty of sampling at high speed. Although it has no digital screen it represents the all information about the target to its user by means of LEDS (lights) and audio. This system discriminates the metals into three groups as “non-ferrous” “ferrous” and “steel” and it is capable of detecting the cavities. It is the worlds deepest and the most comprehensive single coin detector within its class.

Jeotech is desgined to be used in high mineral soils, salted waterfronts, beaches and coasts. By means of its special fitler, Jeotech performs search without being effecting by interferences and noises. Jeotech performs practical and fast and precise detections on the walls, hillsides, and surface and depth searches.