Notsi DDS L6 Long Range Locator - Version B

Notsi DDS L6 Long Range Locator - Version B


This is the highest technology for long distance locating, which has the ability to accurately pinpoint several types of precious metals like: gold, silver, copper, led, iron, diamonds, bronze and gold nuggets. This locator is the leader in its class.

It has been specifically developed to search for precious metals, which has been buried or lost long time ago.

The machine gives one the opportunity not only to search for gold nuggets but several other types of metals. The detector is equipped with special quartz filtration system that filters the wide range of frequencies hertz array and allows the search for gold and silver metals with different karat type, which is one more positive thing for locating precious metals. This is one machine, which emits stable quartz frequency with the nearest to 1Hz, which give the ability for more precise search. The system has microprocessor integrated and software, which allows the user to govern the quartz frequency. The operator can adjust and program this precise instrument and to look for many metals with different methods of reprogramming; By adjusting and saving different quartz frequencies or adjusting the frequency in time of work or simply rotating the already memorized quartz frequencies. The operator can confirm the received signal, which is emitted by the transmitter, with specially designed l-rods, even that the ground structure and different levels of ground mineralization, this is where this digital quartz- stable system gives excellent results in such rough and harsh terrains and soils.

This instrument includes the human factor as well and therefore all the measurements with different operators can have different level of sensitivity. For example if one operator can locate 1kg of gold up to 3 km, another operator can reach the same result with not more than 2km ahead. It’s the same with the depth distance as well, if the first operator found 1kg of gold at 30m depth, and the second operator with less practice will find the same size of gold but up to only 20m in depth. Due to the precision and power of this detector it allows people that have never before used such type of instrument to successfully work with it. The instructional literature and how to work with the unit are very detailed and expanded for better understanding.

The detector has been tested in different areas in the world and by different people, on different types of terrains and due its highly precision and excellent hardware and software quality, the detector has always given positive results. During the tests runs and demonstrations in freely chosen terrain the unit has accidentally found 50kg of gold at 60m depth in a cave complex.

There are hundreds of examples of smaller quantities of gold and silver that have been already found.

This unit is a must have detector for professionals and mining companies that really want to explore for precious metals.

NOTE: This instrument is offered in two types, with different software package. The first is with factory memorized 8 types of quartz frequencies for different precious metals and 7 personal channels for gold and silver, due to the fact that gold and silver have different karats. The second software package has all of the first package, plus GPS system and one additional channel. This additional channel the operator can himself reprogram the frequencies for the different types of metals and to include search for holes and water exploration as well.

Scope of Delivery

Package contents

- Transmitter with eliminator;
- Ground probes for the transmitter and eliminator;
- L-rods with receiving unit;
- Chargers;
- Batteries;
- All necessary cables;
- Specially designed hard bag for the unit;
- Hard bag for accessories;
- Detailed guide for precision work and exploration.