Notsi Mole Impulse Digital Metal Detector

Notsi Mole Impulse Digital Metal Detector


Mole Impulse Digital is a professional metal detector with discrimination. The detectors that work on the system of Pulse Induction are one of the best when used for deep search. It is very easy to work with them, and the earth's balance is not a problem, also there is huge choice of different search coils. Different types of coils are available. There are square of 23x36cm elliptical, 50cm round, 110x110cm, 150x150cm, 200x200cm.

  • Method of operation: Pulse induction;
  • Digital technology - 4-lines LCD– display, numerical and graphical display of signal level and discrimination parameters, software algorithms for detection/discrimination, ground balancing and adaptation;
  • Work modes - Motion(5 levels) / Fix(5 levels);
  • Two pulse power levels:
    -all metals mode;
    -discrimination mode;
* normal discrimination
* delta discrimination
* full background balance/compensation;
  • Variety of coils including frames;
  • Earth field effect cancelation;
  • Ground balancing;
  • Programming of work and service parameters;
  • NiCad battery to maintain 8-10 hours continous on state;
  • Auto battery charge support— measurement of charged capacity and temperature control.


- Hard case;
- Electrical Control Block;
- Control Box leather bag;
- Coil 110x110cm + leather bag;
- Charger for all standard.